Working Direct Sales


It seems that more than a few people are scared of direct sales aka mlm. Well I have to just say this… Avon is a direct sales company and you don’t hear people running around screaming scam or pyramid scheme. I use Avon as an example because it is widely known. Everyone knows someone that sales Avon.

I’m currently in direct sales as a Jeunesse Global distributor. Its a health and skincare company. It’s not Avon, but it is like Avon because it is a direct sales company. You’re probably wondering why did I join Jeunesse and not Avon. Well lets see, I don’t really wear makeup. So how can I sale something I don’t use. I can’t, it’s just as simple as that. I’m a #nomakeup #nofilter kind of girl. Im not saying I never wear makeup, I just prefer not to. So I use the Luminesce line to keep my face nice and clear. I don’t have to chase customers because someone is going to complement me and ask what I use. It is just as simple as that.

I saw Instantly Ageless video and I knew that Jeunesse would be a good fit for me. Sure I don’t have bags or wrinkles but how many people out there do have them? How many people would like to prevent them? How many people have acne? Or want clear skin? How many people have stretch marks? Or deep lines.

I love working in direct sales as a Jeunesse Global distributor. I am helping people to look good and achieve their goals. So don’t be afraid of direct sales. Sale something you love. Sale something you know works.


Tee Palmer

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