Keeping Your Team Motivated


So you have been in network marketing for a month or 10 years. At some point things will slow down. That initial excitement has started to fade or recruiting is slow.  Guess what that is normal.  It is part of the natural cycle. Your first 30 day or even 6 months will be great. People will be coming out the woodworks to signup or buy. When you come to the point where it slows down, don’t bail, this is just temporary and shall pass.  All you have to do is keep doing what you did to get you where you are now, because consistency is the key to getting over the hump. Make sure everyone on your team knows this so that they can push on.

Remember in order to get something you must be doing something. .. sitting back doing nothing gets you nothing.

So work your business and when you are not working your business learn and or teach about network marketing.

Tee Palmer


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