40 weeks and 2 weeks after… load dropped.


       I went into labor Sunday evening October 5th and gave birth to my love on top October 6th at 4:51 am. He weighed 7 lbs and 2 oz.  I went in weighing 206 lbs and came out weighing who knows what.  All I can tell you is nothing went as planned.  I had an emergency C-section and was given so many iv bags I lost count.  I ended up swollen as all get out. I couldn’t fit anything. I’m glad I brought leggings and crocs because I would have had to leave in the hospital gown.

2 weeks postpartum. ..

       I weight 189.4 lbs, that puts me at 21 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight and 17 lbs down from the 38lbs I gained overall. I did good even though I didn’t want

to gain that much. The last month of my pregnancy was crazy.  The weight seem to come from nowhere.  It seems like I would gain 3 lbs each week instead of the 1 lb. It had to be water retention.
       Speaking of retention,  I’m so glad I have ankles again and my feet no longer look like two Italian beef sandwiches. There is still swelling but I look so much better. I just wish

I was back in my clothes and I didn’t have an apron belly. That means have to work harder to get back right.

Any C-section mommies? How did you get back


normal? Pain, weight, most importantly your stomach. ..


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