38 weeks and looking like I’m carrying twins. ..



    I’m around the corner from the end of the road. I managed to keep my weight gain to a minimum until I entered the 3rd trimester.  I have found that I was too hungry to adhere to the rules I set for myself.

       I currently weight 201 which puts me at a gain of 33 pounds. I must say, even though im over my goal by 8 lbs, I don’t feel bad about it at all. Im still gonna pat myself on the back for not gaining 50 lbs.

       Some people might look at me crazy, but I ate maintenance calories for the 1st two trimesters after I found out I was pregnant. Now that I’m in the 3rd I eat between 300 to 400 extra calories.
       Looking back, if I had not gained in the 1st trimester, I probably would have stay within my weight gain goal. So for all the future moms to be, I advise you to maintain your weight during the 1st trimester.  Once you enter the second trimester only eat 100 calories more untill you hit the 3rd trimester. Once you are in the 3rd, 300-500 calories depending on your metabolism.

The body will do what it wants…


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